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Lake Bolsena Big Bass
Here's another cracking report from Dalien:

"This weekend I have been scouting lake Bolsena in Italy for the upcoming World Championship. I cant go into much details but have caught plenty of fish using Savage Gear TPE Fat Vibes, New 115 Prey jerkbait and TI flex spinnerbaits with some modifications for super clear water fishing.

Also topwater lure - in terms of the new Savage Gear Panic Prey - produce fish. These are all top of the line clear water lure I hope will help me get a good result on the championship..

Super long casts are extremely important, so I cannot be more satisfied with my Okuma Komodo baitcasters. Also SG Finezzee line and Okuma One rod trigger series rods keep me focused..."

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The 3D Trout Does it Again!
Christophe Depouille with a seriously big pike caught using a 3D Line-Thru Trout and our Okuma RTX reel. Christophe fishes a number of different rivers in Belgium for catfish, zander and pike, and he has found the 3D Trout to be one of the most effective lures in his career.

The pike in the picture measured well over 110cm, and it was released after a quick couple of pictures.

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Confidence in Lure Fishing
A quick message from Dalien, our Croatian Okuma consultant:

"Another front page - this time in UK`s Pike & Predator Magazine that follows my "Confidence in lure fishing article". In my opinion one of very best I have written".

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Weedless Rigging
Here's the latest from our Croatian predator ace, Dalien Vignjevic.

"The weeds and low water levels call for weedless rigs on my home lake.

My new favorite is a 13 cm Fat T tail minnow.
This bait has unique buldging action on surface on the fast retrieve over vegetation caused by the tail, yet you can really slow down and get amazing rocking body action and natural silhouette in the holes and gaps of open water.

As for rigging, I think I have come up with a perfect solution by using #7/0 Crayfish Weedless Wide gap hook that comes with a 5 gr shank weight.

This hook has a role of keeping the T-tail running true and always in upright position. Then I added a 2/0 spinnerbait hook on the back which is always in the upright position as well. You can easily drag this bait over sparse to medium heavy pads and grass without snagging yet when a pike strikes you have exposed hook and almost 100% hookup ratio.
This rig works great!

Use stout gear for wrestling pike in heavy cover like the Okuma Raw II size 40 reel and MP pro 120 or 170 gr rods on a 30 or 40 LB braid".

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UK Perch Action
Our UK consultant and predator fishing expert, Ant Glascoe Jr, has been busy fishing for bass and perch lately.

Using lightweight equipment and a mixture of small shads and jigs, he has managed a stringer of super-impressive lake perch.

Ant knows where to target the perch, and he spends a great deal of time searching for smaller schools of fish along drop offs and reeds - teasing the fish with numerous jerks, twitches and spin stops.
What a beast!!!!
Arjan Den Ouden caught this 1.29cn monster a couple of week's back in Sweden by using the Savage Gear 30cm Line-Thru Trout in the Rainbow Trout colour. He used a Savage Gear Butch Light XLNT2 30-80gr rod and an Okuma Citrix 364 reel for the job.

Congratulations on the catch!

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Live from the Adriatic!!
Our Danish and Croatian consultants Joker and Dalien teamed up for some great tuna fishing using our Okuma 50 lb Makaira big game rods and reels! They enjoyed some great sport with some sweat-breaking fights, lightning-quick runs and doomsday-like pulls.

Only the toughest gear will stand the test of tuna!

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Blue Shark Action in the UK
Plenty of action from Blue sharks on Phat Cat Charters over the weekend providing plenty of rod bending action and screaming reels using Okuma Solterra rods and Okuma Makaira reels. There will be plenty more reports from Phat Cat Charters in the months to come, so stay tuned and be sure to like our Facebook page:
Summer Pike
Summer pike are super fun, and despite the rising water temperatures they can readily be caught in the pelagic spring layers close to the drop offs. That was exactly what Rikard Jonsson did, when he went out on a big Swedish lake recently. He fished with his Savage Gear Parabellum rod, an Okuma Raw II reel, and a Savage Gear Da'Bush Spinnerbait. The result was a stringer of fish that fought wonderfully in the lukewarm lake water.

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