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Monster Pike on Trout Imitation
"The day started slow. Few drifts didn't produce many fish so we decided to look for active fish while trolling. We knew that big lures were producing the best fish for last few days so the choice was simple! Savage Gear​ 30cm Line Thru Trout lures went for a swim.

The visibility in the water was good enough so there was no other option then to release our Water Wolfs!

After all was set up we started to send our lures in to the depths! While doing that I was blocking the spool every few seconds to avoid fast sinking of the lure. That was giving the lure a nice stop and go action while sinking. And that was enough - because after not more then 60 seconds in the water my lure got hammered! Two powerful head shakes later I knew that I had a nice fish on the hook! A short fight, and I was over the moon holding a nice fat Irish lady! One of the best looking pike I've ever caught!

That's why we love spring so much! It's a good time to hit a fat jackpot!
Some waters are hot and some still before the madness! Plan Your holidays and go out and don't miss Your chance to catch one of those spring girls!"

-Radek Staszkow

Gear used:
Rod: MPP Predator Trigger, 244cm, up to 160g cw
Reel: Okuma Komodo 364LX
Line: Savage Gear HD4 Finezze 0.40mm
Camera: Water Wolf

Photo by Wojciech Stypuła

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Baitcasters for Bass
Here's another immaculate bass for our Croatian predator ace, Dalien Vignjevic, who is completely mad about bass fishing. The beautiful fish was caught using our Okuma Komodo baitcaster reel in combination with a Savage Gear Finezze rod and a 3D Crayfish.

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Easter Bass Fishing
Today we have a brilliant big French bass report from Quentin Combe, who was busy this weekend fishing for bass.

"Big bass love the 3D Line Thru Trout 15cm and the 3D Reaction Crayfish (Carolina Rig)!! And I had some huge fights with the Savage Gear Finezze rod 7-25gr & Okuma Safina Noir reel!"

Bass fishing will be red hot in the next few pre-spawn weeks all over France, Spain, Italy, Portugal, Croatia, Hungary, Serbia, Cyprus...


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Pre-spawn Action
Hi folks!!

Another weekend is gone and another good trip is behind us. The weather was very bad and didn't let us fish on big water but that was not a big problem. We went up to a nice small lake where the wind gusts up to 70km/h weren't such a big problem.

The day started slow with only one jack caught by Wojtek just few minutes on the lake. Changing conditions didn't help at all. We were wiped by strong wind guts, rain and hail stones all day long... It was very quiet till lunch and then thing started to change.

First good fish we saw was a huge girl, which followed my Savage Gear​ 3D Line Thru Pike right up to the boat but didn't eat it... I cast again and she was back but still only watching and then she was gone for good... It was a real crock so you know what that feel like after...

Conditions weren't to good for surface fishing but we couldn't resit to give the 3D Frogs a go. Wojtek was the first one blasting the 3D Reaction Frog and after few casts he raised another monster pike but again the fish was just fallowing the lure without even an intention to hit it. It was quite obvious that the spawning was still the main thing they could think about. But they were showing a small interest to our lures so there was a light in the tunnel :)

After a rough hour with rain, wind and no bites the sun came out for a short while and so did the pike I believe. Finally I got bitten by a nice fish. This time the 3D Line Thru Pike was tempting enough to make that fat girl eat! Some people say that is't spring when they see spring flowers. I say it spring when I see jumping pike and that was a real spring pike! Few jumps, some tail walking... eye candy!!! All that didn't help her to shake off the hooks thanks to the Line Thru system!

We changed the spot and it didn't took me long to hook in to another good fish but unfortunately I lost her just under the boat without even making eye contact. Sad moment in every angler life but that is a part of it. They weren't really active and all the fish we lost were lip hooked.

Last two hours of daylight brought us a decent number of fish but nothing in a decent size unfortunately.

On the end of the day with only one good fish landed, one lost and two monsters raised we were happy enough to see that they are starting to chase lures. Next weekend could be a pure pike mayhem! So go out and find out!

-Radek Staszkow

Gear used:
Rod: Savage Gear Butch Light 205cm 30-65g cw
Reel: Okuma Komodo 273LX
Line: Savage Gear Finezze HD8 Braid

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Kayak Fishing for Zander
Here's a cool little report from our German consultant, Christian Wieneke.

"Hi Folks, last weekend was just amazing.. I caught 6 big zanders from my kayak. The fish were very aggressive and attacked the Monster Slug immediately when I stopped and paused it! It was a lot of fun on my Savage Gear Custom Predator rod and my Okuma Citrix Baitcaster reel!"

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Another Massive Zander for Dalien
The zander season ended two weeks ago in Croatia and our Croatian consultant, Dalien Vignjevic ended the season in style. He boated this immaculate 92 cm trophy zander that took a Savage Gear 25 cm Monster Slug fished vertically on a Finezze MH rod and our Okuma Komodo reel. The fish was released after a couple of quick pictures, and it was the perfect ending to his magical zander season.

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Trout Season Opening
The trout season has officially opened in the Balkan region, and our Croatian Okuma consultant, Dalien Vignjevic, was one of the first to hit the rivers. He used UL equipment - a Savage Gear Parabellum rod and an Okuma Trio HS reel in combination with light wobblers to lure the first rainbow trout of the year. For more updates on Dalien's trout fishing, be sure to check out the Okuma Facebook site:

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Early Season Bass Fishing
Here's another update from Dalien Vignjevic:

"Sinisa Pavlinic, or 'Mazda' as he is called, is the 2009 Bass fishing World championship runner-up, numerous Croatian bass fishing team member and winner of many bass fishing tournaments in Croatia, also pioneer of T-rig fishing here - a legend of bass fishing in Croatia!

"Mazda" is also my fishing partner in the Okuma Orešje bass fishing team, so we could not wait for the ice to melt do try our new boat and try to catch a bass though it is really early in the year.

The water was frigid 5,8 degrees, but persistent approach on the high percentage spots with long pauses got us two nice bass that struck 3D Prey 85 really hard.

Having a bait that will not move much and suspend well on the pause in the water column was the key for our catch.
Sinisa says 3D Prey 85 has the right erratic action and profile, along with the right 'hang' in the water that makes it one of the best cold water bass jerkbaits on the markett"

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Another Massive Zander
Dalien's been at it again. Here is another super zander that he caught jigging with his Trio HS size 55 reel. Once again the trick was to slow fish the jigs along the bottom and to acutely manage the tension on the line. The takes were subtle and a quick hook set was needed to connect with the fish.

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