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Floattubing for Pike
This just in from Ot Nebot Santos:

"Yesterday, we went on a local lake looking for pike from our float tube. After a mere 10 minutes of fishing with the 12,5cm Savage Gear 3D Trout Rattle Shad, I had a big strike on the bottom. Immediately after I began battling a big fish with my Savage Geart BushLight 10-30g rod and Okuma Komodo reel. The fish turned out to be a real big mama".

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Another Monster Zander
How about this zander caught by Dalien`s buddy Boris Leskovar, The fish was caught on a cold January evening, and the fat 95cm+ fish was carefully released after a couple of quick pictures.

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Savage Gear Launches New Website
The new and completely revamped Savage Gear website features the full product line-up, in-depth product information, 360 degree product images, and videos. You'll also find the web-edition of our 2016 consumer catalog here, recommended reels for our Savage Gear rod ranges, a news archive, a Facebook feed, distributor information, and links to important external resources.

Be sure to check it out!
Memories from 2015
Here is a nice memory from 2015. Dalien`s brother, who is not really an angler, joined in for a fishing trip - first time after childhood. After 20 minutes of trolling with the 40cm Savage Gear Line Thru Trout and... BAAAM 96 cm zander on board! Who said zanders don't like big lures?

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Light Range Fishing for Perch
Here's the latest from our Croatian predator consultant, Dalien Vignjevic:

"Perch is one of the most interesting predators, but frankly there are not many places in Croatia that have good populations of bigger fish. One really nice lake emerged, however, so I had to go right away.

We had a great day, and for me the 6,8cm Savage Gear Cannibal Shads rigged on a light jighead were the ticket. The key was not to move the lure much: Either twitch on a slack line, or try to get a super slow sink rate in order to get them to react.

The Savage Gear LRF rod and Okuma RTX reel spooled with a thin braid and FC leader were the tools for maximum enjoyement on this fishing trip.

The Foldable Tournamet Ruler also came in really handy to measure our big fish..."

Beautiful creatures these big perch!

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Cold Water Zander
Happy New Year everyone!

Check out this big zander that was caught on a 13.2 cm Savage Gear 3D Bleak Paddle tail in the Firetiger-colour by French predator expert Nicolas Trancart using our Okuma Citrix baitcaster reel! The river is the Seine near Paris.

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Marble Trout
Here's another report from our Croatian predator expert, Dalien Vignjevic.

I got some samples of the Savage Gear 10 cm Sandeel kits and went all the way to the Neretva delta to fish for sea bass, but this endemic marmorata trout (Endemic in rivers that flow into Adriatic ) got it before any sea bass did.

This fish is close to extinction in Croatian rivers nowadays so I'm really happy for this catch!

Micro Sandeels are perfect soft plastics for UL fishing. It is all about ultra realistic appearance and darting heat that give the lure an unpredictable action that predators cannot resist!

I used the superb Savage Gear Finezze rod paired with an Okuma RTX 30 reel, 10 lb finezze braid and 0,21 mm 100%FC leader.

Such a great light fishing combo!

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Danish Perch Fishing
After two weeks of hard work in the far East, Savage Gear product manager, Mads Grosell is on the jumbo perch again:

"One more amazing day in the big office! Luckily I never get tired of this game!! Our classic lure the Cannibal Shad was the order of the day!! They just got slammed!! Steady retrieve, puffin, blue pearl and clown color during the day!!"

Mads Grosell fishes with our Okuma Helios Gold and RTX reels, when targeting perch. These reels are superb for finesse fishing with jigs because of their smooth line pickup and micro-adjustable drag systems.

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Late Season Bass Fishing
It's early December but it's still quite warm across most of Europe, and Croatia is no exception. That's why Dalien Vignjevic, our Croatian consultant, went out this weekend to look for bass in a small venue full of snags and structure.

The fish weren't exactly super-active, but this didn't prevent Dalien from catching some beautiful samples on light lures slow-fished close to debris, sunken trees, and drop offs.

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