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What a beast!!!!
Arjan Den Ouden caught this 1.29cn monster a couple of week's back in Sweden by using the Savage Gear 30cm Line-Thru Trout in the Rainbow Trout colour. He used a Savage Gear Butch Light XLNT2 30-80gr rod and an Okuma Citrix 364 reel for the job.

Congratulations on the catch!

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Live from the Adriatic!!
Our Danish and Croatian consultants Joker and Dalien teamed up for some great tuna fishing using our Okuma 50 lb Makaira big game rods and reels! They enjoyed some great sport with some sweat-breaking fights, lightning-quick runs and doomsday-like pulls.

Only the toughest gear will stand the test of tuna!

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Blue Shark Action in the UK
Plenty of action from Blue sharks on Phat Cat Charters over the weekend providing plenty of rod bending action and screaming reels using Okuma Solterra rods and Okuma Makaira reels. There will be plenty more reports from Phat Cat Charters in the months to come, so stay tuned and be sure to like our Facebook page:
Summer Pike
Summer pike are super fun, and despite the rising water temperatures they can readily be caught in the pelagic spring layers close to the drop offs. That was exactly what Rikard Jonsson did, when he went out on a big Swedish lake recently. He fished with his Savage Gear Parabellum rod, an Okuma Raw II reel, and a Savage Gear Da'Bush Spinnerbait. The result was a stringer of fish that fought wonderfully in the lukewarm lake water.

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Chubby Chaser in Croatia
Our Croatian consultant, Dalien Vignjevic, has a favourite lure for chub:

"The 3D Larvae 55 is such a nice little creature hardbait that will often produce when standard wobblers will not.
Natural looking patterns and jointed body will deliver tempting action in wide retrieve speed range which makes this little fellow awesome for both streams and lakes targeting anything from bass, trout, chub, whatever will feed on small fry and critters.

Super fun to fish using lighter tackle such as SG Finezze rods, Okuma RTX reels and thin braids with FC leaders..."

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Competition Bass Fishing
Dalien`s Okuma Sloga Oresje bass team had a fantastic weekend fishing the Croatian bass league's 3rd and 4th round. They placed 1st and 2nd respectively, which increased their overall championship lead with a solid 6 points going into the final round in September. They also had 1,40 and 1,46 kg bass for each round. Like always, a variety of Okuma rods and reels for different techniques were used and all performed flawlessly!

"In the 4th round of the bass championship my partner and I had a winning limit 30 minutes before check in time and fished 200 meters away from the launch site. We were so relaxed and got on the surface bite that we completely forgot about the time. Only as we saw boats gathered at the ramp we realized it was 2 min before check in. We arrived 2 minutes late and therefore had our weight reduced for 1000gr (500 for each minute). That was still good enough for second place, but what a rookie mistake! At least I got this cool second place medal with 15:02h drawn by the referee who is also a very good friend of mine..."

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Summer Pike Fishing
Here's the latest from our Ireland consultant, Radek Staszkow:

"Fishing is great now so not thinking much we went to one of our favourite spots hoping that it will be hot. The morning was nice and cloudy with just a light breeze and as always that didn't last long. The wind got very strong later but that was not a big problem.
The day started great with a nice fish caught on the 20cm Line Thru Trout in Brown Trout pattern by my friend after not more then 10 minutes on the water. It was a cracking start of the day! Not every trip starts with a 1 meter long fish! It didn't take long and my friends got bitten again! This time the fish was smaller but we were happy enough seeing them nice and active.

After catching couple smaller ones we decided to move to a different spot and how it turned out it was a good decision. We went to a nice bay which was producing some nice fish over the last few days and was bit more sheltered form the wind.

When we got there the nice overcast from the morning was gone and the wind got stronger. First 30min brought us only few jacks but then... I was trolling the new 3D Hybrid Pike in natural pattern over some shallow water when it got hammered really hard! Powerful take fallowed by big water explosions were a good signs. After a short fight the fish was ready for a photo session. Only when it was in the boat we realized how fat it was! A true pearl in my opinion! Her stomach was packed with fish which I could feel while holding her for the picture.

She was our last fish that day unfortunately but we have no reasons to complain. A cracking start and a cracking finish of our trip was more then expected.

For the first time I was using the MPP Predator Trigger up to 180g rod and I'm very happy that I could try it on a big fish. The rod is very powerful and it can handle a lot! So if You are looking for a strong blaster You just found one. Perfect girl for the big Okuma Komodo 364LX"

-Radek Staszkow

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Top Water Action
Dalien Vignjevic, our incredibly talented Croatian pro staff, has been out targeting pike with surface lures. Here's his latest report:

"For wrestling big fish out of nasty stuff, I use stout gear - A Savage Gear Big Pike 300 gr rod, an Okuma Komodo 364 wide body reel and 60 LB 8 strand Finezze braid. Also the single hook on the 19 cm Jumping Frog from Savage Gear is super strong, so it never flexes or bends on the fish.

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New Inspira Reel Launched at Efttex
Here's a little sneak peek at the new Okuma Inspira, which was introduced at the Efttex Show this weekend. It will be available in early 2016.
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