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Cantabrian Sea Bass
Spanish predator fisherman, Ot Nebot Santos, has once again headed out to sea in search for adrenaline kicks. This time, he was out targeting Dentex on the Cantabrian Sea, but something entirely different ended up hitting his Sandeel lure. The hard fighting fish turned out to be a beautiful seabass that measured 54 centimeters. It was fought using an Okuma Octana rod and an Okuma Helios reel.

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Summer Zander
Check out this amazing zander caught by Christian Wieneke. His trusty Okuma One rod did the job. This super lightweight rod is great to use for vertical fishing, where sensitivity and response is needed! The fish was caught on a Savage Gear Sandeel, which is a great lure for vertical presentation.

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The 'Beauty' and the Beast
Now, here's something you don't see every day:

Okuma consultant, Mads Grosell, caught this weird hump-back pike the other day on his Savage Gear Line-Thru Trout. He used his trusty Okuma Komodo reel for the job.

According to Mads, the fish went; "totally bananas and put up one hell of a fight. It was an incredibly strong Quasimodo, and it turned out to be another great day at the office! (Loads more fish were hooked and released!"

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Pike Frenzy
Our Belgium consultant, Roy Vanstreels, loves to fish for pike, and he has landed some real monsters already this season. While visiting one of his local venues the other day, the big ones weren't really in a playful mood. The smaller fish - up to 7-8 kilos - were in a much more compliant state of mind, and so Roy had lots of fun with several hard-fighting specimens landed and released.

Roy used his trusty Citrix reel for the job!

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Lure Fishing for Asp
Here is our Croatian Okuma consultant, Dalien Vignjevic, with a nice asp he caught the other day by using our Okuma Trio HS 30 reel and a slender prey lure. According to Dalien, the Trio High Speed reel is great for asp because these predatory fish are usually triggered by speedy retrieves. This silver rockets hit Daliens lure in some whirling eddies and it provided him with a superb fight!

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Another Trolling Monster for Henrik S Lund
Henrik S Lund and Christian Møller always go trolling for salmon in May. Here is what Henrik has to say about their latest salmon adventure:

"First fishing day turned out to be difficult, so all the lures in the boxes went for a swim, in the hope of hitting just the one the salmon wanted this particular day. In the evening we had a little action in the boat with 5 smaller salmon just before closing time. When going through the lure boxes a 16 cm Sandeel was giving a swim 200 feet after the boat and was taken by a salmon. In the boat the salmon spat a completely fresh sand eels out of the mouth, which then somewhat explained why the salmon chose to chop on the otherwise unconventional salmon lure.

The experience resulted in that we desided to fish with minimum one sandeel the rest of the trip, and this would later prove to be quite a good idea. We ran into some bad weather on the second day and although we were on the water for half a day it only resulted in 3 small cod and a small salmon. The 3rd day we started from a new port and was joined by a few other boats. The fishing this day was far from the harbor but the fish was on  right from the morning and resulted in several salmon in the boats. Unfortunately we had a hard time getting the fish to strike our lures and only had smaller salmon in the boat. There were nothing else to do, but to stay in the area and just keep fishing. This we did and after approx.

10 hours later came the strike we had been waiting for. The rod fished on the downrigger in 80 feet with a flasher and a 16 cm sandeel bent together and the brake just went on and on. We took in the other rods fishing on the downriggers and started the fight. The fish had now taken 650 feet of line and we could see that it freaked out approx. 200 meters behind the boat as the water splashed while the fish went crazy on the surface. 5-10 minutes passed before the fish started to relax just a little, and I could start to get a littel line back on the reel. The salmon had burned the vast majority of its energy on the distance as the rest of the fight was undramatic right untill the fish were landed. Our landing nets was suddenly very little but the Joker delivered the goods and netted the salmon on the first try. In the boat we quickly realize that it was a brutal build salmon that had taken the small sandeel. The weight showed off at 17.3 kg. and the fish mesured118 cm. SUPER FISH and new PB. While resting after the fight another salmon hit the last lure in the water. This proved to be a salmon of 11.3 kg. The following day we could only fish half a day before heading home again. The Sandeel was once again on one of the lines out swimming 200 feet behind the boat. The day produced only one take and again it was the sandeel the salmon desided to hit and eat. The scale went down to 12.7 kilos, what a way to end the trip.

To copy nature is probably not a bad idea. We will for sure have one or two sandeels swimming after the boat on our next trip targeting the Brutal Baltic salmon".

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Personality bite
Our croatian consultant Dalien has been targeting Bass on one of the most famous bass lakes in Croatia lake Borovik. Here is the story:

"Twitching 3D prey woblers is a great way of triggering reaction strikes from late spring/early summer bass. They will often not feed and just recuperate from the spawn.Getting a small twitchbait in front of them from their back,then vigorously twich and follow with a short pause can cause reaction strike and enable you to catch non feeding fish!
Okuma RTX reel 30 paired with Okuma Citrix rod is awesome for this finesse bass fishing with twitch baits but also weightless soft plastics, topwaters etc..."

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Gravel Pit Pike
Here's a cool little report from Belgium predator fisherman, Roy Vanstreels, who is an expert at finding big fish in relatively small and pressured venues:

"Old gravel pits are full of surpises! While casting with my trusted 20,5 3D Trout this biggie took it hard at the bottom of a drop off. These lakes are not always easy but, work hard and you'll get rewarded! For all day long casting the Okuma Citrix seals the deal! I was super stoked with this great pike"!

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Belgium Trout Fishing
Christophe Depouille is an expert at fishing for catfish, pike and zander but every once in a while, he takes out time to go fishing for wild brown trout.

The other day, he fished one of his local rivers, and he opted for a small Prey69 wobbler in the firetiger colour.

This proved a good decision, because it didn't take long before Christophe hooked into a beautiful and feisty brown trout that provided him with some hefty action - and put some real pressure on his Savage Gear Finzze Spin rod and his Helios Gold reel.

The fish was close to 50cm, and it was released after a quick photo. Well done!

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