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A Change of Tactics
Belgium predator angler, Roy Vanstreels, who is an avid Okuma enthusiast, has sent us the following report.

"This fish was the result of a golden change! When fishing with softbaits I had two pikes following my lure on the same spot. They had interest in my bait but they didn't want to strike. That's why I changed my shad for a big 20cm Glide Bleak Swimmer. Because it has this unpredictable side to side action it's the ultimate tool to get them going when it's tough.

On my first cast a small jack nailed the Swimmer. I slowly dragged him in as I love the panic vibrations on my spot. On cast number two I had big waves coming behind my bait and totally trashing it! Never leave too early when pike are around!!"

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Beautiful highland pike
Here's yet another report from our Croatian Okuma consultant, Dalien Vignjevic:

"Check the pattern on this pike I caught on the higland Lokvarsko lake in Croatia by using my favorite FT Deviator. It was a tough day on the water, but fishing with my 100% confident lure in the right conditions got me a nice fish at the end of the day. I retrieved the Deviator with a short pause after 2-3 glides, which is my favorite way of teasing them when not really active..."

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Norwegian Skrei Fishing
From Danish fisherman, Steven Sander, comes this report from the Søroya region in Northern Norway:

"After a couple of hard days of fishing, the trip's largest cod hit my lure. The fish provided me with a glorious fight with some good runs. Everything was under control though, and I was very focused all the way through the fight. The fish weighed in at 25,2 kilos, and it was caught using a Savage Gear Herring Shad 32cm and my trusty Okuma Cortez 30-50lb reel".

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River Perch
Here's a fresh river report from Daniel van der Kraan!

"A couple of hours today got me a few zander and a serie of perch with this 47cm as best. All fish fell for the 6,8cm cannibal shad in the colors glitterbug and black & white on a 7 gr jighead. By working it against the current, I was able to fish it quite slow because the resistance of the paddletail makes the shad reach for the bottom nice and easy after reeling in a bit each time. The rod bent like a straw as this well build perch took off into the deep! Gear used: SG LRF 5-12gr, Okuma RTX25, 0,08 Finezze HD4 braid yellow".

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Oman Adventures
Ot Nebot Santos has been casting and retrieving lures from the shores in Oman, and he has sent us this update.

"During the second day in Oman, we went to a spot we also fished last year. I didn't know what lure to choose for the first shots in this spot, but when I saw a Savage Gear Manic Prey 14cm in the lure box, I said - THIS ONE!

When I arrived at the water and did my first cast, slowly jerking the lure back an electric shock went through the rod, BAAAM! What's this?! I thought it might be a caranx fish because it was very strong. However, when I got control over the fish, I saw it was a BIG bluefish - the biggest bluefish I have ever caught!

The beautiful fish weighed 8,1Kg!! After some photos, we released it back into the water! Big experience!"

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Pike Love Trout
This beautiful pike was caught by Belgium Okuma consultant, Christophe Depouille using the Savage Gear 3D Trout lure in the Golden Albino colour, a Butch Light 15/60gr rod and our Okuma Komodo reel spooled with SG Finezze HD4 0.26mm braid.

The fish was hiding out in the shallows waiting for an opportune meal, and it responded immediately, when Christophe served his trout-snack. The fight lasted a handful of intense minutes, but ind the en, Christophe elegantly netted the fish, photographed it and released it. He didn't even bother to measure or weigh the fish, but it is safe to say that it was a plump biggie.

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More Zander Magic
Here is another fantastic zander photo that we have been sent by our Croatian Okuma consultant Dalien. Lately, he has put his 4play Shad 11 cm to work by rigging it on a heavy 30-50 gram jig head and slowly working the bottom by jigging the lure with half turns of his Okuma Cedros reel.

This zander picked up the lure very carefully, but the very instant Dalien felt the resistance, he set the hook and started playing the fish. After being boated and photographed, the immaculate fish was released back unharmed.

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Drop Shotting for Perch
From Danish predator fisherman, Steven Sander, we have the following report:

"I Was on a perch trip yesterday with some friends. The weather was perfect, and the day turned out at its best.

I had decided to drop shot, and it turned out the be the perfect choice. After some time, I found the right depth and bait presentation to trick the perch, and they could not resist them. Oh, the strikes you get, when you are fishing drop shot, are so intense!

I sometimes caught fish in each cast, and I could feel that there was a battle, to be the first to eat my bait down there in the depths.

All in all it was a fantastic day! We had great fishing, and the day was super.

Rod: Savage gear JIG'n spin 10-30
Reels: Okuma RTX 30
Method: drop shot
Bait: dying minnow

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Catfishing with Lures
Belgium predator fisherman, Christophe Depouille, really has a knack for finding big catfish and luring them into striking on conventional lures. This time he fished a big lake from his boat, and he was casting and retrieving soft lures using his Savage Gear Butch Light rod and Okuma Komodo Baitcaster 364 reel. The result was this immaculate catfish that hit a Fluo Glow Cannibal Shad mounted on a 25gram ball jighead.

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