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Late Season Jerkbaiting
Hi guys,

"We finally had a good cold front snap after a long period of unusual sunny and warm weather. This time brings one of my favorite ways of pike fishing - jerkbaiting!
The new Jerkster is a great simple-to-use jerkbait that flat out catches fish!

I like fishing my jerkbaits in nasty weather, presented aggressively with a wide glide really close to surface. Also making S wake on the surface is a good thing that can get some extra attention from big fish regardless of dropping water temperatures!

In order to achieve this I took out all the weight from Jerkster and add a feathered treble to the back of my 14,5 cm Roach model. The feather on the back treble seems to add some extra glide and prevents Jerkster from turning too much(you can actually make it rotate 180 degrees!). It also adds some extra profile and action.

Anyways I caught some nice fish lately. Two really big fish just rolled on it and did not get the bait, one of them actually jumping halfway out of water with incredible aggression only to miss the bait.

It's incredible what jerkbaits can do to big mamas making them act like asp busting on topwater minnows - it`s addictive!

I use my true and tested jerbaiting gear - MPP Big lure and Jerk rod, Okuma Komodo baitcasting reel, 40 LB Finezze braid and 0,90mm 100% FC leader.

-Dalien Vignjevic

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New Savage Gear Catalog Out
The new Savage Gear 2016 catalog is now available online. It features an incredible array of innovative products for the lure and spin fisherman, and it also contains a section with the spinning reels that Savage Gear recommends - a solid selection of Okuma high performance reels.

Sift through the 120-page 10-year anniversary Savage Gear catalog here:

Savage Gear 2016 Catalog.
Take Your Kids Fishing
Here's the latest from our Croatian Okuma consultant, Dalien Vignjevic.

"This has to be one of my dearest fishing shots. An easy walk by the sea in the beautiful weather with my family casting a 10,5cm Savage Gear Panic Prey V2 at good looking spots here and there. This little seabass couldn`t resist...

My Lenz Optics Tay shades always help detect good patches of submerged grass, and my Okuma Helios Gold spinning reel always performs smoothly..."

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126cm German Monster Pike
Fred Kotowski, our German Okuma consultant, recently went out on a local venue in the Plaursee area. Here, he slow-trolled Savage Gear 3D Trout behind paravanes, and the results were staggering.

The fishing was hectic, and in the end Fred topped it all off with this immaculate 126cm fish in perfect condition. The fish was quickly photographed and released to terrorize the waters in many more years to come.

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Pike Action on Trout Imitations
Arjan den Ouden with another good pike on the Savage Gear 30cm Line-thru trout.

This time the Golden Albino seduced this 1,13m lady that was hiding close to the banks. The big fish are feeding as we speak so now is the time for some serious specimen hunting!

Arjan forgot to smile this time but we know he was very happy with this fish during a rainy day! Well done!

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And then... Booom!
After a few weeks break, I finally managed to get out last weekend. I got some good news from my mates who were fishing the day before, but I was a bit worried that the crazy feed might not last to long. And it didn't unfortunately. A whole day of trolling over giant shoals - and no pike! And then booom! 40 minutes and 4 fish and.... that was it..!

Now the fun part. My mate had similar sized lures on the lines both on similar depths and didn't get even a jack. They just loved the Savage Gear 3D Lipster! First time in the water and already in my top 5 lures!

Rods and Reels: SG Custom rods and Okuma RTX and Ceymar reels.

-Radek Staszkow

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Barracuda Alert
Raul Gil Dura has spent late summer fishing for saltwater predators in his home country Spain. Here, the local barracuda species provide great action on light spinning gear, and sometimes it's possible to hook up with a real monster.

This feisty-looking fish was caught on a Savage Gear Saltwater Prey lure, and it was landed with the assistance of the new Okuma Azores reel.

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Lake Bolsena Big Bass
Here's another cracking report from Dalien:

"This weekend I have been scouting lake Bolsena in Italy for the upcoming World Championship. I cant go into much details but have caught plenty of fish using Savage Gear TPE Fat Vibes, New 115 Prey jerkbait and TI flex spinnerbaits with some modifications for super clear water fishing.

Also topwater lure - in terms of the new Savage Gear Panic Prey - produce fish. These are all top of the line clear water lure I hope will help me get a good result on the championship..

Super long casts are extremely important, so I cannot be more satisfied with my Okuma Komodo baitcasters. Also SG Finezzee line and Okuma One rod trigger series rods keep me focused..."

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The 3D Trout Does it Again!
Christophe Depouille with a seriously big pike caught using a 3D Line-Thru Trout and our Okuma RTX reel. Christophe fishes a number of different rivers in Belgium for catfish, zander and pike, and he has found the 3D Trout to be one of the most effective lures in his career.

The pike in the picture measured well over 110cm, and it was released after a quick couple of pictures.

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