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Early Season Bass Fishing
Here's another update from Dalien Vignjevic:

"Sinisa Pavlinic, or 'Mazda' as he is called, is the 2009 Bass fishing World championship runner-up, numerous Croatian bass fishing team member and winner of many bass fishing tournaments in Croatia, also pioneer of T-rig fishing here - a legend of bass fishing in Croatia!

"Mazda" is also my fishing partner in the Okuma Orešje bass fishing team, so we could not wait for the ice to melt do try our new boat and try to catch a bass though it is really early in the year.

The water was frigid 5,8 degrees, but persistent approach on the high percentage spots with long pauses got us two nice bass that struck 3D Prey 85 really hard.

Having a bait that will not move much and suspend well on the pause in the water column was the key for our catch.
Sinisa says 3D Prey 85 has the right erratic action and profile, along with the right 'hang' in the water that makes it one of the best cold water bass jerkbaits on the markett"

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Another Massive Zander
Dalien's been at it again. Here is another super zander that he caught jigging with his Trio HS size 55 reel. Once again the trick was to slow fish the jigs along the bottom and to acutely manage the tension on the line. The takes were subtle and a quick hook set was needed to connect with the fish.

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Here's the latest from our Irish consultant, Radek Staszkow:

"The temperatures last week were a bit higher so we decided to go on our favourite lake again. This time no ice and much warmer water. We started the day with a good few jacks but later in the day... Later the things got better. First time this year we saw flying roaches! That was a real spring hunting with big groups of roach going in the air in different spots. Quick lure swap and the Savage Gear 16cm 3D Bleak in Pike pattern was in the middle of that party. Few aggressive jerks and... fish on! Seeing that Wojtek took the 20cm Monster Slug rigged in a new way and got a fish in first cast. Rigged that way the Monster Slug was going close to the surface and sometimes it was breaking the surface just like the panicked roaches.

After hooking those two bandits it got quiet again but not for long. We stayed in that area for a while and soon the rod started to bend again. This time it was a fine fish. The take was bit sluggish so was the fight but after we saw the fish it was obvious why. She was covered in wounds and very skinny. Some of them are done spawning and now on the recovery feed so let that be a hint for You ;)

The plan was simple on this trip. Give the Okuma Komodo 273 VXL a good go and we did. We were casting all type of lures from 15 up to 30cm without any problems. Easy-to-adjust centrifugal velocity control system is a great solution to avoid "birds nests" on Your reel. 11 Japanese ball bearings will make sure that everything will go nice and smooth!"

Gear used:
Reel: Okuma Komodo 273 VXL
Rod: Savage Gear MPP Predator Trigger ->160g
Line: SG Finezze HD8 40lbs

Photos by Wojciech Stypuła
Finesse Fishing for Pike
This is how men do it! Ant Glascoe, our amazing UK consultant, recently went wading in close to freezing temperatures in order to adjust to lethargic pike. He went in using smaller lures such as the 4Play Pro shads - and wading waist deep, he was able to cast the lure along undercut banks, sunken trees and the like.

The trick was to fish the lures ultra-slow with enticing micro-movements, and the Okuma RTX reel was perfect for the job - helping keeping a taut line and a tight drag for immediate strikes.

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New PB for Christophe
This weekend, Christophe Depouille - the Belgium predator expert, improved on his personal best. He landed a massive 122cm pike, which put maximum pressure on his outfit.

Christophe hooked the fish on a Savage Gear 3D Trout and a rod and reel combo consisting of a Savage Gear XLNT2 rod and an Okuma Citrix baitcaster reel.

The fish was released unharmed after a couple of quick pictures.

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UK predator specialist, Ant Glascoe, is really fond of the Okuma One rod and RTX reel. He fishes this ultra lightweight and versatile setup for pike, perch and zander all the time.

Recently, he sent us this picture of a rather lethargic winter pike that took a bit of convincing. It wasn't the biggest fish in the pond, but then again - size doesn't always matter that much. Especially not, when you're fishing with kit that lets you feel and appreciate every little strike, kick and bump.
RTX vs. Monster Perch
Mads Grosell is a great allround fisherman, who has a real knack for catching big predatory fish. He usually spends considerable amounts of time fishing for perch during winter, and this year isn't different.

During his latest fishing trip to one of his favourite perch venues in Denmark, Mads gave his Okuma RTX quite an excersise. He hooked an landed a stringer of impressive perch on a Savage Gear 3D Bleak lure, and the biggest one was a staggering 50cm and 2,1 kilos.

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Spanish Winter Pike
It is winter all over Europe, but in Spain the temperatures have remained fairly mild, and as a result, the pike fishing has been quite good.

Guillermo Carmona has been out targeting pike on a number of occasions, and he has used the 3D Trout Rattle Shad and 30cm 3D Real Eel to induce the takes. The results have been great with a stringer of lovely fish landed and released, and while none of the fish have been veritable monsters, they have been decent sized ones with great appetite.

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Happy New Year!
It takes some Savage attitude to go out when it`s dark, freezing cold, windy - and snowing on top of everything!
But when your gut tells you to go - you should go! Also there is something very peaceful and rewarding in dealing with extreme elements in your fishing.

Here's the latest from Dalien Vignjevic, who challenged the harsh Croatian winter conditions the other day.

"This New Year`s zander struck an 11cm 4Play Pro shad in the Fluo yellow white-colour rigged on a 20 gram jig head right on the fall in between two reel cranks of the Okuma Trio 55 reel.

It is the most common jigging technique used here in Croatia.
The 4play Shad is such a great jigging bait because the jointed tail will kick and rock even on the slowest fall rates. It is a 100% confidence zander lure for me!"
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