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Carp Mono

Carp Mono


All-round monofilament for carp and other strong and big freshwater
fishes. Perfect for medium long range fishing thanks to the High
Density Co-Polymer used which gives to the OKUMA CARP MONO superb low
stretch and abrasion resistance.

  • High density NT2L Co-Polymer
  • Ceramic treatment for superb smoothness
  • High density twin extrusion
  • Zero friction coating
  • Sinking
  • Superb abrasion resistance
  • Low stretch
  • 300m parallel spooled
  • Two tone camo brown color

    Pack size: 5

Item no Name Strength Diameter Colour
44738 Carp mono 300m 11 lb / 4.8 kg 0.25 mm Brown camo
44739 Carp mono 300m 13 lb / 5.8 kg 0.28 mm Brown camo
44740 Carp mono 300m 14 lb / 6.4 kg 0.30 mm Brown camo
44741 Carp mono 300m 16 lb / 7.3 kg 0.33 mm Brown camo
44742 Carp mono 300m 20 lb / 9.2 kg 0.35 mm Brown camo
44743 Carp mono 300m 25 lb / 11.3 kg 0.40 mm Brown camo

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