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Chikara Spin

Chikara Spin


Simply the best lure fishing monofilament available. We have used the
most advanced high-grade Complex Polymer, resulting on a monofilament
which match the best properties of the monofilament with the best
properties of the braided lines. No memory and one of the lowest
stretch ratio on the market allow to fish with total accuracy like
never before. Supplied with “easy spooling” box. The best choice
available when you need to keep full contact with the bottom or jigging
on dangerous snags.

  • Super high density NTT-X Co-Polymer
  • Ceramic outer treatment
  • Zero Friction construction
  • Low temperature processed
  • Slow sinking
  • Extreme low stretch
  • No memory
  • Top abrasion resistance
  • 150m parallel spooled
  • Cristal clear color
  • Special lure fishing

    Pack size: 5

Item no Name Strength Diameter Colour
44799 Chikara Spin 150m 6 lb / 2.6 kg 0.16 mm Transparent
44800 Chikara Spin 150m 7 lb / 3.0 kg 0.16 mm Transparent
44801 Chikara Spin 150m 9 lb / 3.9 kg 0.20 mm Transparent
44802 Chikara Spin 150m 11 lb / 4.8 kg 0.22 mm Transparent
44803 Chikara Spin 150m 13 lb / 6 kg 0.25 mm Transparent
44804 Chikara Spin 150m 16 lb / 7.1 kg 0.28 mm Transparent
44805 Chikara Spin 150m 18 lb / 8.0 kg 0.30 mm Transparent
44806 Chikara Spin 150m 20 lb / 9.1 kg 0.33 mm Transparent

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